Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pattern 25

Thanks a million to Kris and to Carolyn, one pair of baby boots are well on their way. I'm not sure how I missed this detail in the pattern, but the instructions "Pattern 25" and "Pattern 33" are but simple instructions to knit in pattern for this number of stitches. I really expected it to be something more complicated. So simple. Thanks girls.

Baby boots, well on their way

I have a baby shower to attend in August, and have been planning to make some boots for the occasion for a while. Then I received a pregnancy announcement from a long-time friend, and a pair of needles practically flew into my hands. Knitting comes in super handy when it comes to babies, I can’t wait to finish* these and a few other pairs of boots. I’m making these in Rowan Wool Cotton, in a neutral sand-like colour. I suspect that at least one boy is on the way.

*Finish? Imagine! It's been so long since I've finished anything, I hardly know the meaning of the word.


cmeknit said...

They look great so far! Can't wait to see them done...I love DB patterns!

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