Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Too floppy

If you ask me, Rowan Wool Cotton, or probably any wool/cotton combination: too floppy for footwear. I completely understand now why the photo of the boots in the book is so blurry you can't tell that the resulting finished object will be flimsly, loose, boring, too-big baby boots.

Wool Cotton--too flimsy for me

I tried to add some boy-funk by adding a bit of a green stripe. I like the colours together, but I'm so not crazy about the floppyness, that even the stripe can't save these. I think these will be remade into a hat of sorts. Debbie Bliss Cotton Knits For All Seasons, you're going back to the library.

Pop Shoppe pop really is back!

I finally had a chance to check in on the Pop Shoppe situation, and indeed, the Pop Shoppe is selling pop at Quickie Marts in most Ontario locations. Hooray! Glass bottles and all.


cmeknit said...

whooohooooo pop shoppe! Hey, did you try those booties on a baby? Maybe they will stretch to fit, ya know!? They may work...try them on one before you frog!

Sly said...

Yes...try them out. They look super cute, especially with the sporty stripe! Cotton is also nice feeling on the tootsies...mmm...cotton...tootsies...

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