Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Try as I may, it's hard to stay focused. So much is going on these days, and I keep getting distracted. The land of knitting keeps drifting away. It's been a few weeks so sorry to those of you who are waiting to hear back from me on emails - I finally got to it today, thanks for your patience.

For the questions that came through Blogger comments, most of them are related to the striped scarf. Since I can't reply to you directly (good ol' Blogger!), I'll try to cover the answers here with some proper details.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't keep the labels for the Silk Garden, so I can't tell you exactly which colours I used. My best guess is colourways 201 (I'm pretty sure about that one) and 230...but it's just so hard to tell with Noro. 36 stitches wide on 4.5mm needles (7 US), 1x1 rib, alternating balls every 2nd row, 4 balls in total. I'd say 4 balls is about right for a scarf in Silk Garden. My goal when I chose the colours was to pick two skeins with lots of greys and browns, and two that were more colourful.

For the rest of you wondering where I've been? Oh, so distracted. Besides fighting off the urge to craft craft craft (putting off wanting to learn to weave, sewing, quilting, learning to silkscreen...oh, if only there were more time in a day!), I've got two major projects in the running in the moment.

Fabulous design like this makes wedding planning almost ok

Getting hitched!...and learning the fiddle. Rob and I decided back in May that we were ready to jump in and tie the knot. We hadn't given the actual wedding much thought until the new year when our families and friends started in on us. Since then, we've been in full-force planning mode, preparing for the big day: August 25.

I wasn't really all that into it at first, I'm fairly anti-wedding and all the consumerism that comes with them, so I found the whole idea pretty daunting at first. But, then I started to get into it. It started slowly with Martha, with a short detour into the land of bride-y magazines (yecch...great for millionaires), and then miraculously, after ages of feeling like I couldn't relate to anything out there, I found weddings in blog land.

What a relief! Such great things out there. I'm all for a great big party with fabulous decorations, but sweet lord, spare me the chocolate fountains, hummer limos, satin bows and chair covers and give me something with some AESTHETIC! Glad to have finally found it. I was seriously worried that there wasn't anything beyond indiebride out there.

For those of you on the same road, or even just planning a giant dinner party, may I point you to some of these great finds:

As for the fiddle? A distraction as well...hard to tackle something like this without jumping all in. I decided it was time to put my grandfather's fiddle to use, and keep its heritage alive. Much to the dismay of my neighbours, I'm afraid.

And knitting? Let's just say there's lots to catch up on.

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