Thursday, July 21, 2005

Capt. Cola, the Pop Shoppe is back!

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Wow! Just the other day, I was reminiscing a childhood staple, the Pop Shoppe. I recall going to the store and watching crates filled with bottles of pop come down the assembly line, into the store.  Such a treat that was--the flavours (best cream soda ever), the recycled glass bottles, Captain Cola...  I thought it was gone for good. 

But, here I sit tonight, procrastinating on getting some work done, and to my surprise, I stumbled on this:  

The Pop Shoppe's back!

I can hardly believe it, the Pop Shoppe is back in business. According to their web site, I can go down the street to the Quickie Mart and buy a bottle!  Like, right now!  Talk about going back in time. I wonder if they sell it in glass bottles.  I'll have to investigate.  Likely tomorrow.

Ok, back to work.  Before that, a quick head's up to have a look at this most unique wristlet made by Suzen in Calgary.  I've linked to her before, and darn-it, I'm doing it again.  Seriously, amazing.  Must see.


cmeknit said...

I can't believe that! We only got pop...being the pop shoppe pop in the red crates...if it was someone's birthday...a special treat! I must investigate this as well.

suzen said...

Eee! You're sweet! Thanks for the link :D

Anna said...

Ditto, pop was a special occasion treat for us as well. I hope someone sells it near you, I'm looking forward to picking up a bottle as soon as I get the chance. We'll do a virtual 'cheers'!

Suzen, I can't help it! Such unique stuff.

David said...

I want some, I want some... Lime Rickey please! :D

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