Friday, July 29, 2005

Holidays are so close

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Guh. So. Close! Holidays. Almost. Here. Just one more day, and then 2 weeks of holiday bliss. Meanwhile, much running around to attend to unfinished business is in order. Packing, closing down at work, name it.   Giant to-do list, waiting to do me in.

I crossed one unfinished item off the list tonight.  I've had my song-list chosen and ready for CD Swap 2 for a while now, but have been procrastinating on putting the package together.  I've been intimidated by the great efforts that some folks have put into their CDs, and have been putting off the task because I couldn't nail down what I wanted it to look like. 

CD Swap: fini!

And the it just hit me.  After much theme contemlating, I decided the CD needed to be a road trip CD.  It needed to be a road trip CD, and there needed to be a truck, and it had to be summery and fun at the same time.  So...voila!  Done and done.  It's more of a mellow driving mix, with some Canadian content speckled through it.  I hope the mix goes over well--it's not easy to guess the taste of a complete stranger.  We shall see. 

Trucks and pink gingham--together at last

Enough play.  Back to the to-do list now. Oh wait, almost forgot: Thanks for the card SP, so nice to hear from you!  Hope you're enjoying the summer.


niki said...

My driveohfive just showed up in the mail... thanks! Loving it so far :)
and on to the iPod it goes.

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