Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nobody home

Boy, for all you visitors that are surprisingly still dropping in, this must be the most disappointing stop in all of blogland. Not a peep in over a year. Kindest regrets, the day-to-day has steamrolled everything in its path. It's a veritable no-man's-land over here - most every link is broken, comments are filling up with spam, boy have I ever let things slide.

Hello? Anyone home? Hello???

What have I got to show for the 1+ year hiatus? Not much, I'm afraid...nothing bigger than a breadbox, anyway. All married up and busy with the grind. The fiddle efforts continue -- maybe in five years I'll be as competent a fiddler as I was a knitter. So many things to tackle, I tell's you...wish I had another set of hands.

And with that, I expect perhaps more of the same will found in these parts. Thank you to all of you who keep stopping in and subscribing - so sorry to disappoint. I'll be back again, I'm sure.

Fellow Ontarians, happy Family Day!

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