Saturday, July 30, 2005

On vacation!

Everything's done! Bags packed, errands complete, done done done. Now for the relaxing. Off to spend a week cottaging, then a road trip through New England, ending in Rhode Island for the Newport Folk Festival. Looking forward to seeing the Pixies in a festival setting. Also looking forward to spending a fortune on american yarn. Happy trails--back in two weeks!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Holidays are so close

[no title]

Guh. So. Close! Holidays. Almost. Here. Just one more day, and then 2 weeks of holiday bliss. Meanwhile, much running around to attend to unfinished business is in order. Packing, closing down at work, name it.   Giant to-do list, waiting to do me in.

I crossed one unfinished item off the list tonight.  I've had my song-list chosen and ready for CD Swap 2 for a while now, but have been procrastinating on putting the package together.  I've been intimidated by the great efforts that some folks have put into their CDs, and have been putting off the task because I couldn't nail down what I wanted it to look like. 

CD Swap: fini!

And the it just hit me.  After much theme contemlating, I decided the CD needed to be a road trip CD.  It needed to be a road trip CD, and there needed to be a truck, and it had to be summery and fun at the same time.  So...voila!  Done and done.  It's more of a mellow driving mix, with some Canadian content speckled through it.  I hope the mix goes over well--it's not easy to guess the taste of a complete stranger.  We shall see. 

Trucks and pink gingham--together at last

Enough play.  Back to the to-do list now. Oh wait, almost forgot: Thanks for the card SP, so nice to hear from you!  Hope you're enjoying the summer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Too floppy

If you ask me, Rowan Wool Cotton, or probably any wool/cotton combination: too floppy for footwear. I completely understand now why the photo of the boots in the book is so blurry you can't tell that the resulting finished object will be flimsly, loose, boring, too-big baby boots.

Wool Cotton--too flimsy for me

I tried to add some boy-funk by adding a bit of a green stripe. I like the colours together, but I'm so not crazy about the floppyness, that even the stripe can't save these. I think these will be remade into a hat of sorts. Debbie Bliss Cotton Knits For All Seasons, you're going back to the library.

Pop Shoppe pop really is back!

I finally had a chance to check in on the Pop Shoppe situation, and indeed, the Pop Shoppe is selling pop at Quickie Marts in most Ontario locations. Hooray! Glass bottles and all.

Friday, July 22, 2005


[no title]

Last month, the girls at Slipped Stitches, a 3-person knitting blog based in my hometown, piqued my interest in adding Suburan Safari to my summer reading list.  I'd completely forgotten about it until I went on a magazine binge last weekend, and found a clever review in Bust.  Turns out the SS girls found it in the same place.  Copy-cat time.

summer reading

I had a look online, and the library here in town carries it.  Thanks to their amazing web site, it now sits on a hold shelf, waiting for me to pick it up.   How convenient is that?  I love the library here, they have practically every book, and you can reserve online.  Their slogan is "More than meets the EYE!".  Yup, just like the Transformers. 

Knitting activities continue, at a snail's pace.  Updates to come. 

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Capt. Cola, the Pop Shoppe is back!

[no title]

Wow! Just the other day, I was reminiscing a childhood staple, the Pop Shoppe. I recall going to the store and watching crates filled with bottles of pop come down the assembly line, into the store.  Such a treat that was--the flavours (best cream soda ever), the recycled glass bottles, Captain Cola...  I thought it was gone for good. 

But, here I sit tonight, procrastinating on getting some work done, and to my surprise, I stumbled on this:  

The Pop Shoppe's back!

I can hardly believe it, the Pop Shoppe is back in business. According to their web site, I can go down the street to the Quickie Mart and buy a bottle!  Like, right now!  Talk about going back in time. I wonder if they sell it in glass bottles.  I'll have to investigate.  Likely tomorrow.

Ok, back to work.  Before that, a quick head's up to have a look at this most unique wristlet made by Suzen in Calgary.  I've linked to her before, and darn-it, I'm doing it again.  Seriously, amazing.  Must see.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Pattern 25

Thanks a million to Kris and to Carolyn, one pair of baby boots are well on their way. I'm not sure how I missed this detail in the pattern, but the instructions "Pattern 25" and "Pattern 33" are but simple instructions to knit in pattern for this number of stitches. I really expected it to be something more complicated. So simple. Thanks girls.

Baby boots, well on their way

I have a baby shower to attend in August, and have been planning to make some boots for the occasion for a while. Then I received a pregnancy announcement from a long-time friend, and a pair of needles practically flew into my hands. Knitting comes in super handy when it comes to babies, I can’t wait to finish* these and a few other pairs of boots. I’m making these in Rowan Wool Cotton, in a neutral sand-like colour. I suspect that at least one boy is on the way.

*Finish? Imagine! It's been so long since I've finished anything, I hardly know the meaning of the word.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Hello? Anyone out there have a copy of Debbie Bliss Cotton Knits for All Seasons? I started these lace and bobble boots last night, and the pattern's causing me grief. For the top section, the instructions refer to a Pattern 25, and a Pattern 33, which I truly don't understand. It seems to me that the instructions for these patterns are missing. Is it me? Am I missing something?

I've read and re-read, and still don't get it. If you can lend a hand, please do. Much appreciated.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pants malfunction, and other

[no title]

Honestly, I don't understand how it is that I've started to forget the zipper portion of dressing these days. I swear I've discovered my zipper being down twice this week, and multiple times this summer. Today, I went to the washroom at 1 PM, and discovered another instance--I'm sure a result of morning forgetfulness. I blame the Gap: too many button closures, slide hooks and belt clasps to deal with. Hello, Gap? Less fancy on the closure design next season, ok?

A very non-cute display of the Summer Sampler

Yesterday brought my susbscription to the Summer Sampler to the door. I've been crazy excited in anticipation of the delivery of this package since May, so things have been building. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but I feel I was waiting for something more thrilling.  There were a few things that I liked, but as I was going through it, I kept on thinking "what am I going to do with all this stuff?"  Trinkets galore.  And a 20 plus ziploc bags!  Ziploc bags, I believe, are an integral element of the Sampler.

16 Sparrows note card and lip balm 

From Beccalights, a seriously addictive scented candle

My cat has a real hate-on for this giant cloth bone

Of course, there are a few items that really grabbed me.  I'd expected to get lots edgy, quirky, well-made items, and I'm super happy with what came from 16 Sparrows.  I just had a look at her store, and after a quick tour, I think I'm instantly hooked on Kathy's blog.  Such cute stuff!  I think she'd like my retro board game collection.  

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Good Will Hunting

[no title]

Now, where were we? Yes, of course, the crazy Salvation Army find of July 2005. Quite a massive score, found completely by fluke.  The story and more details go quite simply like this:

Thursday morning, Anna still has laryngitis, and decides it's time for a medical visit.  Success!  Appointment arranged for 3:15 that afternoon.  Anna leaves work early to arrive on time for appointment, and finds herself at her doctor's office 20 minutes earlier than anticipated.  Rather than read magazines and watch soap operas in the waiting room, Anna notices a Salvation Army thrift store next door, and pops in for a visit.  Anna is somewhat of a retro board game collector who rarely misses an opportunity to scour for new games.  No board games to be found, Anna strolls through the store to kill time.  Past the old lamps and tapes and records, Anna finds a bin filled with 20 or so bags of bright coloured yarn.  Heart racing, Anna paws through the bags to assess.  Unable to determine which bags should be bought, and which bags should be left, Anna takes two bag-filled trips to the counter and gives the salesclerk ten dollars.  The salesclerk is speechless, Anna is speechless.

And there you have it.  Crazy, no?  There were so many surprises inside these bags, it just got crazier and crazier every time I put my hand in and grabbed a new ball.  Most of the bags were filled with wild-coloured Filatura di Crosa kid mohair and mohair lungo, and some Filatura cotton, but there were some real gems hiding in almost every bag. 

alpaca, mohair, and lots of orange superwash wool
angora!                                 cashmere!

I feel like I haven't even gotten to the bottom of it all.  So far I've come across a few odds and ends of angora in pink and green, and some full balls in brown (yes, brown!), a ball of purple cashmere, lots and lots of alpaca, lots of brown and orange superwash wool, some old Paton's Kroy in black (much softer than today's Kroy), and even some pure silk.  Crazy, crazy, crazy--what a collection, thanks a million to whoever donated this. 

I've been thinking lots about the origins of these balls of yarn, wondering how this strange collection might have come to end up in one person's stash.  Most everything has a german label, and I've been trying to imagine someone shopping in Germany picking out these things.  Mostly, I've been trying to get to the bottom of all the mohair.  Was fuchsia and orange mohair on sale one day, or was it carefully chosen for a specific project?  Are these remnants from finished projects, or the supplies for one or several projects?  I can't even fathom.  Time will tell what creations these will become through my hands.  I'm thinking 47 scarves and one cashmere glove at this point.  Any suggestions, especially on the mohair front, are appreciated.      

Clockwise from left: Neko Case, a Booga spotting in the market, fresh rhubarb.

I know for sure I'm not 100% knock-down dangerously obsessed with knitting because I was able to spend most of the weekend without thinking about this stuff too much.  I'll tackle it for real when things slow down a bit mid-week.  The weekend's been busy--former roommate, friend, and fellow knitter Miss G was up (hence the post plagiarizing yesterday--we laughed and laughed and laughed at how funny it is that I found so much mohair), and we took in some Bluesfest and Ottawa Byward Market offerings.  Thanks for the visit MG, I'll keep you posted on the Newport action.  Let me know when you're ready for a mohair showdown.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mohair madness

[no title]

A severely intense amount of mohair

I'm plagiarizing a post from Miss G:

Bad news: some poor old lady with a mohair obsession passed away.

Good news: Anna got all of her yarn at the Salvation Army for $10!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hello Vancouver?

Yes, Vancouver, please. Request to visit again; I'm missing your many shopping and good weather opportunities.

Ahhh, the memories of Vancouver Main Street shopping...

Please tell the shoes and the Barefoot Contessa I say hello.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Still no talking

If you haven’t yet deduced from links on the sidebar, I’m a sucker for a few things. The CBC*, procrasta-blog reading, and random cute things are among them, but way on the top of the like-list is music and signing up to receive things in the mail. After spending the day at home with no talking yesterday, I signed me up to two things:

1. Stitch Ya Kneck Out – Necking With Friends: Pick a scarf from Scarf Style, or from select Knitty patterns, pick up the supplies, send away to a stranger, wait for the mail, receive hand-knit scarf. In return, knit a scarf of someone else’s pattern and yarn choice, and mail it back to them. How neat? Details and sign-up info here and here.

2. CD Swap 2: This swap, I really really like. Make 5 mixed audio (not MP3) cds, and send to 5 people—receive the same. I know for sure that I won’t have a problem finishing this, and am pretty excited to swap a mixed CD from folks out in the farther non-Canada/America parts. I promise, I won’t load my CD to the brim with Avril Lavigne or Celine Dion-like Canadian content. Go check it out, only a few days left to sign up. Allez!

*CBC Radio, that is. And I don’t work for them. Check out the podcasts!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No talking!

No talking!

At home, sick today. I've been battling laryngitis since last Friday morning, along with allergies galore, and have decided to give my voice a break today. It's next to impossible for me to spend the day without talking, so I'm forcing myself into solitary confinement to recoup. Damn, it's quiet...

A nice surprise, the Knitty Man Issue is up.  I haven't been following along that regularly with the Knitty, there hasn't been anything too punchy that's jumped out at me as a 'must-knit'.  I do have a semi-complete Shedir which I set down one morning last fall to get a coffee, and then never returned to, and I won't deny that I have secretly thought of making my own Clapotis, but that's about it.  Today, I'm happy to report loving two new Knitty patterns.


I love making mittens, so this one's an easy sell for me. I also quite like the Wild Stripes Baby Blanket, which represents pretty near what I was dreaming of while waiting for my order of exactly one ball of most of the Knit Picks Merino Style colours. It's too bad that I didn't hold off, and ended up returning a lot of the brighter colours, they would have come in handy for this. I think I've still got enough of the colours I liked left on hand to make a more muted (girl) version of this blanket though. Hooray, stash reducing project!

This project will make me feel ok about hoarding yarn

Oh, and I also love this clever Necking With Friends scarf-swap project that's brewing up--hard to resist joining, hey?
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