Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Still no talking

If you haven’t yet deduced from links on the sidebar, I’m a sucker for a few things. The CBC*, procrasta-blog reading, and random cute things are among them, but way on the top of the like-list is music and signing up to receive things in the mail. After spending the day at home with no talking yesterday, I signed me up to two things:

1. Stitch Ya Kneck Out – Necking With Friends: Pick a scarf from Scarf Style, or from select Knitty patterns, pick up the supplies, send away to a stranger, wait for the mail, receive hand-knit scarf. In return, knit a scarf of someone else’s pattern and yarn choice, and mail it back to them. How neat? Details and sign-up info here and here.

2. CD Swap 2: This swap, I really really like. Make 5 mixed audio (not MP3) cds, and send to 5 people—receive the same. I know for sure that I won’t have a problem finishing this, and am pretty excited to swap a mixed CD from folks out in the farther non-Canada/America parts. I promise, I won’t load my CD to the brim with Avril Lavigne or Celine Dion-like Canadian content. Go check it out, only a few days left to sign up. Allez!

*CBC Radio, that is. And I don’t work for them. Check out the podcasts!


Anonymous said...

Anna Anna Anna, still going about CBC. You really should get a job there.

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