Sunday, January 29, 2006


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That's right, still kicking. I've been enthralled this month by other peoples' projects.  I'm still amazed that every single day, someone out there is crafting up a storm and sharing it online. My jaw remains open and drooling at the talent out there. Great respect to all of you sharing your work.

For me, projects remain at a steady crawl, but indeed still moving forward. Interlock Balloons has seen the most attention of late, but not enough to have the pattern memorized--two little post-it-notes still inch up and down the chart as I knit, some days they don't move at all. I'm eager to see this one gone, I've already got a few new projects on the brain. It's a snowy, bleary day today, so here's hoping for some progress.

One day, this scarf will be complete

A slight modification worth noting: I've changed the edge to a slipped-stitch edge.  In hindsight, this scarf could well have use the double slipped-stitch edge used on the Backyard Leaves scarf.  I've long wondered why this scarf wasn't designed with a more complimentary edge.  Anyone else agree? 

In eager anticipation of finishing up some projects, a local yarn sale has brought some of Lily Chin's (one of the fastest crocheters in the west, don't you know) new Superwash Merino into my already yarn-filled home.  Friends of mine with babies, or with babies on the way, please turn around, and don't come back until March or April.  There's stuff's going to be cute, I tell you.

Lily Chin Gramercy, destined for small projects

Ok, so as mentioned, on with the dreary day, hoping for some progress today.  Happy Chinese New Year.  

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