Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No talking!

No talking!

At home, sick today. I've been battling laryngitis since last Friday morning, along with allergies galore, and have decided to give my voice a break today. It's next to impossible for me to spend the day without talking, so I'm forcing myself into solitary confinement to recoup. Damn, it's quiet...

A nice surprise, the Knitty Man Issue is up.  I haven't been following along that regularly with the Knitty, there hasn't been anything too punchy that's jumped out at me as a 'must-knit'.  I do have a semi-complete Shedir which I set down one morning last fall to get a coffee, and then never returned to, and I won't deny that I have secretly thought of making my own Clapotis, but that's about it.  Today, I'm happy to report loving two new Knitty patterns.


I love making mittens, so this one's an easy sell for me. I also quite like the Wild Stripes Baby Blanket, which represents pretty near what I was dreaming of while waiting for my order of exactly one ball of most of the Knit Picks Merino Style colours. It's too bad that I didn't hold off, and ended up returning a lot of the brighter colours, they would have come in handy for this. I think I've still got enough of the colours I liked left on hand to make a more muted (girl) version of this blanket though. Hooray, stash reducing project!

This project will make me feel ok about hoarding yarn

Oh, and I also love this clever Necking With Friends scarf-swap project that's brewing up--hard to resist joining, hey?


Diana said...

You picked good patterns! I was also eyeing those mitts, and will have to go back and re-investigate the cute baby blanket now..

Hope you feel better soon!

Terhi said...

Hey, I love the exact same projects! :-) And I love your blog, just found it recently. Hope you'll get better soon.

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