Thursday, June 30, 2005

Almost Canada Day

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Today begins another summer long weekend.  This is good.  So good that I'll start things out by sharing a fun drink I discovered this Spring in Vancouver.  I'd been waiting for the weather to get good and hot to spring out this gem, and I think we're there.  This drink is superb: refreshing, zesty, cool, with a super unique flavour.  It's made with  Pimm's No. 1, a British drink.  Drink with pinky extended and wave like the queen.   

Best summer drink.

I'll get to the knitting in a moment, but first, another thing to share:

If you have not yet discovered Audioscrobber, do click and explore

As for the knitting...  It's been there, but things are going rough--cotton and I are going through another rough patch.  Especially the Phildar cotton which has been throwing me ball after ball of yarn with broken ends joined with ugly knots throughout it.  Look at this mess: 


They're everywhere, the damned things.  Of course I'm too impatient (read: lazy) to start rows over (or an entire piece, for that matter) once I find myself knitting with another ball that's joined in the middle, so this sweater is doomed to be filled with things that will irritate me. 


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