Tuesday, May 31, 2005


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It's been a while, hasn't it? I put the final touches on the felted bag last night. I decided to go with the snaps, and not the zipper, but in a different way than I'd been thinking of originally. Wanting very much to speed up the finishing process for this, I decided to use the snaps to attach the straps. I'm super happy I came up with this stroke of genius because I really like the results. In hindsight, sewing the straps on would have taken less time than the accuracy and finagling that's required to use the "APPLY-ER", but the end result gave me a more flashy fun and snappy bag. Literally.

snap buttons can't be beat

Careful using the pearlized buttons, they break easily.  I learned this the hard way, sadly.  In addition to the snap buttons, I also added a pin in the corner.  I really really dig that this bag turned out to be a bag I would possibly consider purchasing, as in I like it not just because I made it. 

The trek to cotton sweaterdom continues.  As you can see, I'm hard at work.


grumperina said...

I have to say, super cool! You're right, I would check out this bag in a store, handknit or not! Great job!

Maple Girl said...

Lovely, and totally you. I'm very interested in seeing the APPLY-ER in action. Nice job!

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