Monday, May 23, 2005

Long weekend bliss

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Ahh, Montreal: so much to see. Saturday brought a quick roadtrip to Montreal, just for the adventure of it.  I love that a small road trip gets me somewhere so interesting.  Kind of like having Europe in your backyard. 

Random Montreal sights, plus a random shoe shot on the Orange Line Metro 

I love the architecture in Montreal, there are so many unique details to take in.  The people watching's phenomenal, and it's a cinch to get around.  Notice the shoe shot above?  I took this of our shoes at the subway station, in part because I loved the orange tiles, and in part because I love that the colour schemes of the Metro stations correspond to what line you're on.  Literally impossible to get lost. 
Something neat that I like to look for while in Montreal are the Distroboto machines, which are old cigarette vending machines converted to sell art stuffs.  They don't have much of a website to give you more info, but it's part of the Artomat project, and you can happily read more on their site.   Didn't find any machines this time, but I was in Montreal in the fall, and the Distroboto gave me some fun local music and funky hand-made jewelry.  Very fun.
On the drive home, I was happy to have been accompanied by Grant Lawrence and CBC Radio 3.  I love good radio, and I really feel there's a real shortage of it, so I'm always happy when I tune into something good.  We just missed a special with the Arcade Fire, incedentally, from Montreal, so I checked around on the CBC website to see if I could find it archived somewhere.  Sure enough, there it was, along with over 100 other great performances, which I highly recommend you take your mouse and click here immediately (and then click 101 Music Stories) to check out.  Seriously, more than one hundred recordings. 
I had to laugh though, when I found the playlist for Radio 3:

CBC Radio's generally pretty uptight and stuffy, the good music programming usually airs late at night, or during weird times on the weekend.  It's government-run, and generally pretty conservative, so I find it pretty amusing that they can get away with this.  For those of you who've heard my endless "But the CBC really IS good!" rants, file this one under "But the CBC really CAN be cool!".
By the way, no yarn shopping in Montreal, no knitting either.  Perhaps this evening?


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