Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I [heart] Rocketdogs!

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Couldn't be happier today--got some shoes in the mail. I was in Vancouver this past Easter, and found these Rocketdogs that I love love love. I thought there was something a little off about them while I was trying them on in the store, but the sales lady made me feel like I was being paranoid, so I brought them home with me anyway. After wearing them around for a bit, I couldn't get over the fact that one felt looser, so I had a good hard look at them. After a few days of feeling crazy, I finally took the insole out of each of them and discovered that one foot was a size 10, and the other a 9. The store was great about the exchange, and quickly sent me 2 shoes of the same size. I'm happy to have the shoes, but it makes me miss Vancouver. Sigh... I fell in love with this more than amazing store while there; I wish it was at my immediate disposal.

As for the knitting, I continue to harbour resentment toward cotton. So much so that I've put the Ribby Cardi on hold for a few days while I work on the very cute and functional red felted bag from this month's Interweave Knits. I'm using Cascade 220 in a great red, and I think I'll forego the embroidery and use fun buttons or pins instead. No need to drive myself bananas with embroidery.


Anonymous said...

Cool Shoes!

Anonymous said...

I agree, did you buy them at Gravity Pope??? I've been to the store in Calgary. Droooooooool. Makes me wish I was Canadian. Eh!

Anna said...

I bought them at Joneve Shoes, they didn't have them at Gravity Pope. Cheers!

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