Friday, May 06, 2005

I suppose it's time to make up.

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O f course this is how this works. Of course! Now that I'm happy to be working with wool, and am not wanting anything to do with cotton, of course a batch of cotton arrives in the mail.


Grrr!  Evil cotton!

I'd mentioned earlier that I'd made a big Knit Picks order, and that I'd post more on it at another time.  I suppose now would be as good a time as any to bring this up again.  About a month ago, I ordered a sampling of Knit Picks wool, mostly all Merino Style, a few balls of Elegance, and some Shimmer.  I just couldn't make a decision on one or two colours of the Merino Style that I liked the most, so I ordered 2 balls of a bunch of their colours, and some larger quantities of colours I really liked.  I wanted to see what everything looked like in real life, and, well, I went 100% crazy before finalizing the order--somehow I justified purchasing 2 balls of multiple colours.  Maybe I was thinking mittens?  A striped sweater?  Tea towels?  I'm not sure really, but I had big dreams about it at the time. 

But then when the order came in, I was pretty disappointed with the colours.  I was really impressed with the quality of everything, but the colours just weren't right for me.  The Knit Picks website's colours look so rich and bold, and much of what I got was mostly dull colours.  A few exceptions here and there (grass was my favourite), but for the most part I wasn't thrilled.  Thinking that I wouldn't want to knit with wool in the summer, I exchanged the colours I didn't like for the bag of Shine you see above.  Which, as we've covered, of course was delivered at the height of my distate for cotton. 

I really like the colour, I promise I won't return it.  Hopefully I'll get over knitting with cotton, and make something possibly nice with this.  Not quite sure what yet.  The back of another Ribby Cardi, perhaps?


Maple Girl said...

Oh La La, you're so funny. Glad to see you haven't stopped buying and returning things! Remember when you bought a bed you didn't like? Ha ha ha. You kill me. Too bad it was necessary in this case, though - that sucks the colours didn't knock your socks off.

cmeknit said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog! You will like knit picks cotton...I've been forcing my way away from merino and on to cotton..tis the season. FYI I made some scarves out of some the merino style and elegance. They do knit up nicely...not the smoothest merino...but great for the price! I have heard that they are coming out with sample cards now...that will definitely help with their suckie pics on line!

Anna said...

Hey, ditto! I think you're right, I think it'll work out great. I'm in love with the Grass colour, and it feels really soft. Really knocks my socks off!

Miss G: I forgot about the bed fiasco. I suppose I do have a problem in the decision department--things just don't change!

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