Friday, May 20, 2005

May Two-Four

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It's Friday evening, and we're gearing up for a weekend of fun, May Two-Four-style.  The much-anticipated first long weekend of spring/summer is here, and us Canadians are off to buy two-fours for the weekend, aka cases of 24 beers.  I think tomorrow's got a day trip to Montreal in the works, shoe shopping, I imagine patios, and I wouldn't be surprised if we end all or some of the evenings this weekend off with fireworks. But, before we get to any of that tomfoolerly, here are the final results of the felted bag.

Before and after felting

Why do craft tools have such ridiculous names?

I'm really happy with how this all worked out in the end. Cascade's great to work with, I recommend it highly--it felted thick and sturdy after one wash. I let this simmer for a wash and a half, but I wish I'd have taken it out after the first cycle because it came out a bit smaller than I intended it to be.  It's just shy of a magazine in size. 

I'm not entirely decided on how I'm going to finish this.  I picked up some snap buttons, thinking I'd add one as a closure, and then I fell in love with the blue zippers you see above.  I've been loving blue and red combinations of late, so I'm entertaining adding some sass to this bag with some blue.  But, of course, this will mean zipper installing, which, given the choice between that and using the "APPLY-ER" to rig up some snap buttons in 2.5 seconds...  And, there's always the option of leaving things in the flesh and letting everything hang out with no closing mechanisms at all.  We shall see.


Diana said...

Those are some dramatic felting pictures! Cascade is one of my favorite yarns to work with too. The blue zipper could be fun!

Maple Girl said...

Love it! Are you hooked? I recommend the snaps. When I put in my first zipper I found it hard and didn't like the final product. Snaps will work fer sher, though. Go with your guts.

Anna said...

Yes, very dramatic. I wish I'd have kept a closer eye on things during the felting, I really had no idea it would felt so quickly.

I think I'm hooked! I especially liked the chance to practice knitting continental--felting is so forgiving. I see a matching coin purse in my future. ...With snaps, I think.

Sly said...

I love the colour of the bag! I liked the use of the pen to show before and after size - Miss G had advised me to use a loonie as a size indicator...apparently this is a geologist trick? Anyway, the more I see these felted bags, the more I want one all for me. It's deelish!

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