Wednesday, February 15, 2006


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Another project almost complete?  Must be time to start another.  Something new hit over the weekend, a sneak at the swatch for now. This is the Lily Chin Gramercy I picked up last month, swatched in stripes for fun. Seems it's all about the blue these days.

 All blue, all the time

I like how the colours work together, I think I'll even keep the stripes.  I caved on quite a long-standing (1 month?) string of no-yarn-buying when I picked this stuff up, and it's sadly given me the bug to buy more.  Left to my own vices, I would spend it all on yarn and craft supplies, which would realistically only take up space in my home, and create an urge to buy more.  Oh, how resisting the temptation to buy more is hard.  There's always a sale, always a good deal to be found, always a new pattern to try, especially this time of year. 


Instead, I've been investing lots more in the art department in an attempt to fill some empty apartment walls.  Every Wednesday morning for the past few months, I've hit myself in the head after finding that I've missed another great piece on Tiny Showcase.  On Tuesday nights, they release a new print that usually sells out by next morning.  I've been meaning to make a greater effort to check on Tuesday evening to see what's to be had, but have yet to be successful.  Miraculously, this week's SET of prints was still available.  

 Bear & Wolf by Irina Troitskaya, via Tiny Showcase 

Bear & Wolf, a fun two print set by Irina Troitskaya.  The whole concept of Tiny Showcase is up there in my books.  


Hanna said...

hi, love the name of your blog, thanks for visiting me! I like your stuff here too. The stripes looks great, and the turqouise is great! I think it is a colour that is coming back into fashion right now, huh?

colorfool said...

The tiny showcase is awesome. I too, try to check it out Tuesday night but I always forget and they sell so fast! Maybe next week. 8-)

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