Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sing it with me: I'm thirty-one, my futon days are done!

[no title]Mr. Clickety Click and I took the plunge this week and made our first big-ticket home item: a sofa. While not my dream sofa, it's a comfortable and affordable seating space that's neutral enough not to hurt our eyes.  This has sent me into a flurry of re-decorating, I'm dizzy with the new possibilities this has opened up for our living space.  My nights are filled with pillow and end-table fairies leaving beautiful, well-placed decor into our lives.  I'm indeed anxious to drop-kick our futon to the door, it has really overstayed its welcome.   


Via Design Sponge, even these yellow (yellow!) Inhabit pillows from 2Modern are contendors for a new accent colours.  So exciting! I can see the day easily being eaten by DesignSponge and the Flickr Corners of My Home pool.  Truly addictive content, hard to pull oneself away.  This really gives Blair from Wise Craft's brilliant suggestion of a computer free day something to think about.  


blair said...

Oh my I do love new furniture! Show us pics.

goodkarma said...

Oh, I hear you on the futon. I've had mine for eons and really really look forward to getting new furniture to go with all these home renovations going on. :)

Gwendolen said...

The day my husband and I finally retired our futon couch (that had been my bed previously for about 9 years) and replaced it with a real brand new sofa was a right of passage into adulthood. Or at least it felt that way to us. So're a grown up!!

Tracy said...

congratulations! you'll have to post it on "corners..."!

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