Thursday, February 09, 2006

Out with the old...

Out with the old...

I've been meaning to get to this for a while. At home sick today, and after a full day's rest, I think it's time I cross this one off the list.  A few weeks ago, this fine package arrived at my doorstep.  The intricate packaging and decadent chocolates are both long-gone, but inside...a beautiful new needle case from Vancouver friend Kate. Anyone who knows Kate will tell attest to the fact that her taste is impeccable; I have so missed her since she's moved back to British Columbia. 

I love this needle case, and its arrival couldn't be more timely.  I don't much use my current needle case, its use is usually followed by much brooding.  More on that in a bit, let's admire the beauty of this one first. 

  A flap to hold everything in, and pockets with the best buttons ever. 

I so admire the attention to detail used here, I'd love to know who made it.  Straight stitching, perfect edges and buttonholes, even a small bit of applique.  My former needle case looks a shamble compared to this. 

I'm happy to put my former needle holder to rest.  It was quickly constructed one day during an organizing flurry.  After picking up knitting needles all over the house, I impulsively made a needle holder.  Never having much patience for sitting in front of a sewing machine, the end result was a functional, but not so pretty needle case.  The mix of crooked stitching (in white thread!), uneven tension, and pockets that hold nothing bigger than a thimble maddened me.  This, combined with needles that flailed out of it every time I went near it, made me generally leave it never to be used.   

Old needle case, your days are done. 
A sewer I am not.

My favourite feature is my use of safety pins, a true testament to my lack of sewing patience.  Rather than stitch the closure, I completed this with safety pins.  I do love the fabric, I'll be happy to re-purpose it.  This is remnant t-shirt fabric from Victoria, BC's Smoking Lily, which Kate brought me to on a one-hour photo tour of Victoria. 

So, again, thank you Kate.  I'm so touched by your thoughtfulness.


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