Saturday, February 25, 2006

Indoor day

[no title]

Winter's still going strong in these parts.  Another stormy grey Saturday.  A temperature of -15 plus wind chill equals a nice -27 celcius. Beautiful. Just like last Saturday. What is this spring you speak of? I believe this calls for some CBC Radio, coffee, and crafting.


No big complaints here. I do love an excuse to stay warm at home and listen to the radio.  Don McKellar now has a radio show, following Go.  Ahhh, cozy day.    


Tracy said...

oooh! i miss snow... may i ask where in canada you are? (i am a manitoban via ontario living in southern california...)

Erin said...

yup, i'm lovin the tv on the radio show that don is doing, too. last week's piece on csi crime shows was a beauty.

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