Sunday, February 12, 2006

Garter rib

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At long last, a completed project I can call my own.  With Alison, on the way home from Rhode Island this past summer, we stopped in at a yarn shop in Saratoga Springs.  Great shop, friendly staff, lots of fun things to touch and buy.  I suspect that had we hit this shop closer to the beginning of the trip, and not on our way home, I would have spent much more/had more money to spend here.  I picked up two balls of Blue Sky Alpaca for this garter rib scarf. 

 Garter rib scarf in Blue Sky Alpaca 

A very short garter rib scarf, mind you, but a garter rib scarf nonetheless.  I knew I'd want a simple and quick knit one day, and this one sure fit the bill.  I can't quite get my camera to capture the luscious red without overexposing it to death, but I assure you, it's a beautiful deep red.  I love the colour, and the texture is just superb, I'm sold on this stuff. I may well even wear this scarf one day, or find a very luxiourious child to sport it for me. 


goodkarma said...

That's a fabulous shade of red and I can just imagine how soft it is. Mmmm.

Tanya said...

Perfect for Valentines day!

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