Thursday, June 23, 2005


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On my mind today: birds with arms

It's been a while, hasn't it? Another week's just about flown by, and I've been thinking about a whole bunch of things that somehow come back to this bird with arms and wooden feet.  This image was the center of a somewhat controversial debate a few years ago when McSweeny's 4 (late winter 2000) came out with the illustration on the left on the cover, claiming to be a Dave Eggers original.  Yet, anoter website had previously featured a story with the image on the right much prior to the release of McSweeny's 4. 

What am I thinking that comes back to this bird?  I'll start with books.  I've been thinking about books, specifically what book I should add to the reading list next.  Summer reading is up, and I've been meaning to read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius for a long time, written by Dave Eggers, who is also the editor of the bird-debated McSweeny's 4 (see above).  A Heartbreaking Work has been recommended to me for ages by a fellow knitter, whose most recent recommendation has weighed heavily in favour of us attending the Newport Folk Festival   (by the way, Miss G: do you know that this is the Dunkin' Donuts Folk Festival??) to see Emmylou Harris and Bright Eyes (and maybe the Pixies and Richard Thompson if I can do some clever convincing to attend Saturday as well).

So, I've been thinking about books, and about Dave Eggers, and about the Newport Folk Festival, and road trips, and mostly about summer.   And of course, about the bird, and somehow these have all found their way here today as I procrastinate on just about everything.  Fun.


Anonymous said...

Birds with arms???

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