Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Domino Deciders???

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Secretly, I love magazines. Really, I do. I rarely buy them, I rarely read them, but I love the idea of magazines--quick, easy, glossy, fun. I especially love new magazines because they offer an extra promise of freshness. I have a major issue with magazines though, which is that I hate the over marketing and selling of things, and the idea that everyone should go out and buy the same beautiful things to keep up with the style of the day. I'm also not a fan of Hollywood in general, so that keeps me clear from most magazines.

But, of course, because I do secretly love magazines, I am prone to compromising from time to time, particularly in favour of summer beach and travel reading.  I got bored while doing groceries today, and got distracted by the magazine section, so I decided to nose around to see what's going on in magazine land.  I was really surprised at all the new magazines--Tango, Weekend, and Domino caught my eye, but I'm just so torn...  They look so pretty and fun, but they deep down drive me kind of crazy.  Do I really need a magazine to tell me how to have the perfect weekend (let me guess, it involves shopping)?  What will Tango say about my relationship?  And, will I be able to read Domino (who, by the way, have thought out their marketing strategy right down to naming their forum members Domino Deciders) without it enabling me to run out and buy things?

Two of the 8 kabillion new magazines out this summer

 Like this, for example.  How will I be able to resist the most beautiful ironing board on earth?? Bahhh.


cmeknit said...

oh, I am a magazine junkie. I too am frequently distracted by them all! They (those magazine people who know I subscribe often) have started sending me complimentary magazines to know the "new" ones...but not hooked on any of those yet!

Krikri said...

I love magazines too, so I'll try not to blame you too much for FORCING me, via this cute post, to hustle over to Domino's website and subscribe. Sheesh!
Also hi, nice to "meet" you, your blog is just darling! :)

Maple Girl said...

My Utne subscription is about to end, and I have mixed emotions. I'll miss the mental sparks it lit, but hopefully the junk mail from PETA and other very worthwhile organizations will taper off. Grrr...subscriptions. A surefire way to make sure your mailbox is always full.

Remember when I used to write down every penny I spent and what I spent it on? I was shocked to discover I was spending about $50 a month on the glossies. Yikes! I spend just under twice that amount on FOOD! Now I'm limited to one mag a month, usually Bust (interesting to me) or Vanity Fair (long articles, and thus fares well in the cost vs entertainment time regression analysis I calculated). I've tried to make the most the dough I give to Sympatico, so I don't buy anything if I can find it on my good friend, the 'net.

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