Sunday, June 12, 2005

No knitting

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It's pretty sad, really.  The amount of time I've spent knitting these past few weeks has been so minimal, I'm starting to wonder how long it will be before things pick up again.  Time's just flying by, and I keep finding myself at 10 at night wondering where the day went. 

And so, during this drought/intermission, I bring you one scarf found crumpled in the closet, completed before this blog's existence:

Echarpe from Marie Claire Idées Hiver 2004
Knit with Alpaca Peru (Rose)

Plus one lonely knitting basket:



Maple Girl said...

I hear ya! Tough to knit in this sticky weather - but I'm glad it's sticky and hot just the same. I've started booga bag.

cmeknit said...

The scarf looks great! You'll be back on the band wagon soon...don't worry...we all go through just need a little inspiration for that "Fabulous" project!

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