Thursday, August 25, 2005

Impulse buy

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Cleaning up today, I found a lost relic from this past weekend that I'd completely forgotten about.  I went to a local music festival to check out the Weakerthans and Feist, and after a few drinks, left with an orange ukulele.

craziest impulse buy ever!

You read right, a ukulele. Bright orange. The mini size of this guitar, plus the ultra cute carrying bag closed the deal for me. This raises the impulse-buy bar to new heights. Sitting there on display, with so many colours to choose from, I couldn't resist.


And, if you've ever wondered, "is there anything out there that doesn't have a blog community?", you'd probably wouldn't be too far off if you answered no. No, there is likely nothing out there that doesn't have a blog community. Even ukulele-ers blog it up. You can even go to uke school online, then Rock That Uke! low-fi style on this must-see site.  


goodkarma said...

How fun! At the elementary school where I teach, one of the teachers grew up in Hawaii and gives uke lessons. It's a big part of our school's culture and so much fun. They start at 2nd grade and learn so quickly! Enjoy!!

kris said...

that's the funniest impulse buy ever! so cute! too bad it already had a carrying bag or you could knit one ;-)

Howlin' Hobbit said...

I found you via a technorati search on ukulele. I'm gathering that you're mostly a knitting blog. If you'd like to find another site and blog where knitting and ukulele "collide", check out ColorJoy (for the knitting) and Lynn's blog... errr... for the blog part.

Tell Lynn that Howlin' Hobbit sent ya!

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