Wednesday, August 24, 2005


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I...I...I....I'm speechless! Scarf Swap pal Miri has full-on blown my mind with the arrival of her scarf yarn. A package so filled with treats--personalized--treats, no-less, words alone can't do it justice.  

Unwrapped package
Almost open.  Getting closer...
: gasp : Blue Sky ALPACA!

Underneath: more alpaca!
Tucked away in the corners: lemon and verbena products!

Miri, thanks a million for your thoughtfulness.  I was eyeing the hand lotion and the soap last month in Bath and Body Works, and I didn't buy it because I couldn't justify the purchase.  Such a treat to get some Bath and Body Works products, no BBW in Canada makes me long for their products.  You couldn't have picked these products any better! 

I love the yarn, and the pattern you've chosen.  I've been thinking of the Forbes Forest scarf a lot lately, and am more than a bit excited to knit this up for you.  Let the swap begin!


JinxedMinx said...

Yay! So glad you like! That yarn has been hiding in my stash, waiting to be used. Thanks so much for knitting for me! :)


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