Thursday, August 18, 2005

CD Swap

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Swap update time. I didn't intend to cram all of the CDs I received from the swap into one post, but most of them came in while I was out of town, and I feel badly for taking so long to thank everyone.  Such great surprises were waiting for me when I got home, what a treat! 

Some truly amazing work of creativity was poured into these CDs.  Kira of Wax and Feathers sent this adorable mix.  Cute design, great music, so well done!  I was happy to find Elvis Costello and Bright Eyes on her mix, who I both saw at the Newport Folk Festival earlier this month.  I want to frame the liner notes, they're that adorable.

Salt & Pepper shakers: so, so cute!

Fellow Canadian Maureen took her creative skills full-tilt and sent her CD in a hand-made cloth case.  How's that for crafty?  In the same picture (left, below), Sandy of Burnt Orange's Disassociate mix matches her blog so perfectly that I knew exactly who it was from before even looking at the return address. 

CD Swap 2 brings me home to a mailbox full of CDs

Above right, Lindsey sent items that caused great oooo-ing and ahhh-ing.  Cute cute cute glow-in-the-dark stickers, and adorable candy.  The labels say they're "Made in Corea".  Hm...  The accompanying postcard lists the tracks.  I haven't listened to this mix yet, but I'm anxious to get to it--great stuff, some Pixies, Xiu Xiu, Broken Social Scene.  Nice!  Amy, to you I owe an apology.  Your CD's in my car, not near me at all at the moment, so you'll have to forgive my not posting a picture just yet.  I love the hand-made envelope you made for the mix.  The first Blonde Redhead track has started the day for me every day this week as I drive to work.  

Loads and loads of thanks to each of you--it's been great fun swapping mixes.  Thanks also to Jen at Piddleloop who took on the monolith task of matching everyone up, and getting us all moving to make and send out mixes in just under a month.  I'm going to miss the little monkey on my blog.  Anyone interested in taking part in a more intense CD swap should check into the Dual Disc Debacle

Again, thanks everyone for the great swap!


Amy R. said...

Glad to hear it arrived safely! :)

jen said...

i'm glad you had fun and like your cd's. looks like you got some nice ones.

i feel the same about russell, i'm gonna have tot ake down the second blog at some point and bif him farewell til whenever. but i know think he may become and official unoffical mascot for piddleloop

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