Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Shoptoberfest success

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Shoptoberfest was a success!  Love visiting Toronto (operative word: visiting); so much to see, nice switch to a faster pace.  The faster pace was much required, only a few hours of shopping time by the time I got into town on Saturday. 

Did a quick runaround downtown, spending most of my time at H&M, where a few purchases were made.  When you live in a government town, stocking up on non-government-worker wear is a must.  What a lunatic store though, that H&M, intense patience required.  3 floors of clothes and accessories thrown randomly throughout the store.   

Acrylic and grey, this H&M scarf broke my no-scarf-buying policy

No yarn shopping, the closest I came was picking up a few scarves.  That's right, I got scarves the easy way.  It's ridiculous how much I fell in love with this plain grey acrylic scarf.  Of all colours, and all fabrics: grey acrylic.  Toronto has some fun yarn shops though, in particular Knitomatic, Lettuce Knit, and the crazy mess at Romni, but I truly don't need any more yarn.  Honest.  So no yarn shopping this round.  Only yarn in the form of finished product is allowed in the house right now, anway.

I keep meaning to post a thank you for all the postcards received from the Postcard Swap. 

Swap Bot postcard swap

Clockwise from top, postcards from Lisa, Adam (K-State card), Melanie and Brad (no blogs).  Hope the trial run helped iron-out any Swap Bot bugs.  Imagine, organizing a swap without even one person having to juggle Excel graphs. 


goodkarma said...

I'm so jealous that you have an H&M nearby. I've only been to H&M when I was travelling overseas or to NYC... not so convenient! Enjoy your pretty scarf!

Mafalda said...

Hello Anna!
I've received your postcard yesterday.
Thank you for your kind words.
Let me know if you ever decide visiting Portugal. :)

Annie said...

I hear ya...H&M can be nutty, to say the least. We have one opening here on Friday in St. Louis. Although I'm tempted to stay away from it for a while because of the sure-to-be crowds

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