Wednesday, October 26, 2005

No crochet

Via kraf-o-la, this book by Jess Hutchison may well save me from re-learning how to crochet. The crochet hook and I don't get along so well, despite any adminaration I may have for crocheted items. Do have a look--this free bunny pattern should whet your pallet.

no crochet here

I've grown a small urge to crochet again, and have been secretly stalking these free patterns. Now that knit patterns are to be found, let's just say the crochet thoughts are out the window. Hooray, I've staved off the crochet hook for another day.


Heather said...

Those are so cute..can't wait to see what you knit up! I LOVE that octopus..or atleast I think that's what it is!

grumperina said...

That's pretty darn cute! Thanks for the heads up, I like these little non-crochet toys ;)

rar said...

this is fabulous.. i've been wanting to knit a doll for my niece and my nephew. thanks for passing this along.

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