Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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Almost every time I sit down to post, something comes to mind. I've been thinking and wondering for a while now, and am just going to come out and state it. Blogger--why no categories? Clearly, there's a need, surely you've seen how popular it is with the kids. Are you really asking us Bloggers to leave our posts out and about all willy nilly, instead of into neat little categories like most decent folk? Even Wil Wheaton has categories, so why can't we?

I have been lazy these past few weeks, too lazy to take pictures, and too lazy to sit and type. I'm drawn in only barely today to acknowledge that I'm still about.

A preview of things to come... 

a very beat up mitt, ready for surgery

The koigu mittens have been made and remade a number of times, finally settling on a construction with no increases for the thumb gusset. Variegated yarn is tricky, and I'm fussy as hell, so you can imagine what kind of thought went into this. I'm not happy with the thumb placement that I ended up with (too high on the hand), and am not in favour of compromising for longer mittens. So, out came the scissors, a new and improved thumb location is on its way to being. I'll get the best of you yet, darned mitten.  

In SYNO news, it turns out that Winnie is quite the clever lass, and has sussed out from mere emails that I'm her swap pal.  Well done secret agent Winnie.  I hope your yarn arrives to you soon.  I hate to make you stalk your mailbox for much longer. 


rachel said...

cool mitten! I like the rainbow colors.

thanks for signing up for the postcard swap! it should be fun! xoxox

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