Sunday, September 18, 2005

Birthday weekend

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It's been a rainy and dreary weekend. The sun is fighting to break through some clouds this morning, and the rain has finally let up from a steady drip since Friday. Another busy weekend has flown by, this time with my birthday to celebrate. Another year older, another excuse for shopping.

I'm quite fortunate in that Mr. Clickety Click most often will take me for a nice dinner, and shopping for my birthday each year. Last year we went border-bound, and hit some great deals in America in Vermont. This year: Montreal. Before leaving, we checked into a craft sale locally and picked up a few gems, which proved to be far more fruitful than the trip to Montreal.

Animal Embrace prints: amazing!

Some prints for apartment decor, featuring ladies embracing wild animals, which I think are extra fun. Also, a very finely made silk pillow with a great screen.

Pillow and nearly finished mitts: even more amazing!

You'll note a finished pair of Koigu mittens. Well, an almost finished pair of mittens. Hiding under the top mitt is a stitch holder holding the stitches where the thumb originally lived. I hacked into the stitches about six rows down from the original thumb location after finishing the entire mitt, and picked up the stitches to make another thumb lower down. The thumb was too high up on the mitt, so I relocated it. I'm so not afraid to cut into stitches and boss things around a bit. All that's left now is for me to dig through some knitting books and learn how to graft stitches. I've done some preliminary reading, it doesn't look so hard. We shall see.


goodkarma said...

Happy Birthday! Loving the mittens!!

Sly said...

Those mitts are beauties! Happy birthday too! Sounds like you had a nice time with Mr. Clickety is gooood.

winnie said...

happy birthday anna! nice prints and lovely mittens!

Evolved Yarn said...

Happy Birthday Anna!!

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