Monday, January 01, 2007

Two-double-oh-seven: welcome

Happy new year everyone. Quietly now, let's start out the new year. Guhhhh.

There's been some baby knitting going on behind the scenes, the first of which found its owners last night. With snow finally on the ground, and temperatures dropping, the timing was right for a newborn hat and mitts.

Retro flying helmet and thumbless baby mitts
Helmet pattern: Sublime leaflet Mittens: My own, made up on the fly
Yarn: Luxury Collection Superwash Merino (teal?) and Debbie Bliss wool cotton (white)

The pattern's from a great leaflet for Sublime's uber luxury baby cashmere merino silk line (what baby needs cashmere, merino, and silk??). I normally only like one or two patterns from any one source, but I think all five in this booklet are solid bets for baby gifts. The baby's father has his pilot's license, I coudln't resist.

Anyway, I think off to recover now from the new year's eve-ing... p.s. - I love that blogger has finally added labels and categories. Look at that:


goodkarma said...

I've never seen that hat pattern before... so cute! Lucky baby. Have a happy new year!

Lysa said...

You write very well.

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