Friday, December 23, 2005

2005: Top 5 unifinished

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End of December, hey? These past few months have gone by in a snap, hard to believe the end of the year is here already. September? October? Last Wednesday? Where'd you all go?

With the time flying like this, it's been tricky to fit in the knitting bits. Seems appropriate to do a year-end wrap-up, and get set for the coming year. Rather than covering completed items (of which there are few), here are the top 5 projects that will get bumped to the new year:

Ribby Cardi: waiting for sleeves since May

Knitty's Shedir: Seems like only a few rows left, how's this one slip through

Interlocking balloons hasn't made any progress since I took this photo last month

From Interweave Knits Fall 2005, cable and rib sock. Singular.

The least complete of all: Phildar Licorne zippered cardigan from Tendances Printemps 2005

Here's hoping that 2006 brings these stragglers round the bend. With much luck and perserverance, I'll manage to tackle these before beginning anything new in the new year. A difficult task for me, I like the allure of something new. We shall see!

Happy Christmas! All the best for the new year.


goodkarma said...

Good luck with your projects... I know how hard it is to NOT start something new when you already have stuff in progress. At least the projects you have started are winners... that might be inspiring!

Happy New Year!

byTanya said...

It's great to see we all have the same problem! This is a great way to look forward to 2006 and all the great projects you will finish AND start.
Happy New Year!

Sly said...

Happy New Year! I really like the confessional style of your last know, there's really no shame in unfinished projects. I believe it is a sign of a creative mind.

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