Sunday, November 27, 2005

Winter knitting sets in

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It's been some time, really. Knitting and yarn have crossed my path only via housecleaning lately.  A knitting slump, indeed.  I've had a number of projects tossing around in idea phase for a few weeks, and haven't had the chance to dive in.  Finally, on Friday while putting away some books, I picked up Scarf Style again, and decided to start in on Interlocking Balloons. 

Yup.  Another scarf it is.  The weather's certainly cold enough for it.  Snowy, windy, and wind chill has already set in.  Ahhh, winter.

Interlocking Balloons begins

And, despite my feelings of ill-will toward Martha in the baking department, I can't help but get sucked back in by the so so pretty christmas crafts on her web site right now.   

Martha uses glitter and glue for Christmas

Pretty cute and hard to resist.  I can say without a doubt that I'm not going to tackle this, so someone else out there, knock yourself out and make these glitter bird centerpiece and tinsel trees.


marirob said...

I love the Interlocking Balloons scarf! I think it'll look great in that color. I can't resist Martha either - although I have two boxes of unmade ornaments in my closet.

Thanks for the comment about my Lace Leaf sweater! I'm always amazed how much blocking can help some sweaters.

kris said...

your interlocking balloons is great! i absolutely LOVE mine (of course, it helps that i didn't have to knit it myself ;-))

Crafty Jacqui said...

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