Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I miss wool!

Ugh, things are moving slowly with the Ribby Cardi.

I'm having intense issues working with this yarn. I'm using a Cotton/Acrylic yarn called Aviso that I picked up for a super hot deal at Wool Tyme--$25 for 10 balls, how could I resist? I should have known better though, I had pangs of "you-get-what-you-pay-for!" while I was paying for the lot. The yarn's been twisting like crazy, and I'm not so hot on the colour now that I've been looking at it on a daily basis. But, I'll keep my head down and keep moving; like I said, I will finish this.

I've re-knit this a number of times, using a variety of techniques, to help make this a better looking sweater. Things are looking striped, due to my knit rows being tighter than my purl rows, which are a lot more exaggerated with this evil cotton. I've tried using the combined knitting method, which I'm told is a miracle solution for tension issues, and I've also tried another suggestion of knitting with a smaller size needle on mypurl rows. Neither produced a result I was happy with, so I decided to move on to a tried and true cotton-knitting solution: bamboo needles. Things are looking up, but the sky's still cloudy.

So, I've resigned myself to the idea that this sweater is not just an exercise in me finishing a sweater, it's an exercise in patience in learning the finer techniques needed to knit with cotton.
Who knew this would be so hard?


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