Saturday, May 14, 2005

Rainy Saturday

Pretty miserable out today, complete 360 from last weekend's great weather, but very much a deja-vu from Miss G's visit a few week's ago. It's rainy out, just like it was when she was in town, and I started out the morning by heading to the same yarn store we started our Saturday day out on, to pick up some more of the same wool I picked up during her visit. Lots of sames, I'm sure you can see the deja-vu-ness I'm referring to.

Much-needed supplies to finish the felted bag

I'm about 5 inches away from having the main part of the felted bag finished. Things have slowed down considerably due to my not reading the pattern properly (or at all) when I bought the wool, and not picking up enough. With more than enough supplies now, I'm so looking forward to the upcoming felting fun.

I got restless during the week, and cast on another project:

Ugh-- 2mm's!

This will one day be the zippered cardigan from Phildar Printemps 2005--or parts of it, anyway. I've had the supplies for months, but had intended to make the Ribby Cardi first, as a practice cotton sweater. As I continue to be frustrated with the cotton I'm using for the Ribby Cardi, I far prefer the idea of starting 8 or 9 more projects before going back to it again. All to say, don't expect rapid progress, certainly nothing to match the magnifigance of this!

Sale-bin superfind: $1.99 each!

And finally, I was happily surprised to find some Rowan Wool Cotton in a sale bin today. My mind went quickly to toques and mittens and scarves, which made me quite afraid. So, for those of you who may be suffering the same affliction: Reminder: It's only May!


Amelia said...

2mm needles? You are a courageous gal indeed :) Always believe that multiple projects are good - you always have something on your needles to match your mood.

Adele said...

Wow 1.99 a ball. Awesome find!

Good luck with the Zippered Cardigan! Great colour you are using.

And thanks the the link! :)

Maple Girl said...
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Maple Girl said...

Sorry I messed up there and had to delete. Nice finds! Can't wait to see the felted bag fait accompli. Check my blog for some pics of the felted camera case I made yesterday (to go with yesterday's spluge, a Canon). Like the new project - 2mm is the crazy-maker!

Sly said...

I can't believe how small those needles are...they are barely visible to the naked eye! In addition, I'm really digging the 1.99 special - fancy yarn, and chic colours too.

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